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Since 2005, we have been creating affordable, uncluttered websites. We opened our doors as Umpqua Web Design two years later, based in Roseburg, Oregon. As we grew, our clientele went beyond Roseburg … in fact, beyond the United States.

Anyone living in Roseburg is well acquainted with the name Umpqua, a very common name in the area… have you heard of Umpqua Dairy? It is named after the Umpqua Indians, a band of the Coquille tribe.

As our reach grew, we found that our name was difficult to pronounce. And as our services grew, “web design” no longer fit.

It was time to rebrand and Solo Web Solutions was born. We still offer the same integrity… and getting to know our clients and their businesses continues to be very rewarding.

We believe in the KISS principle: keep it simple and straightforward. That means no clutter, nothing flashing on or across the screen, ease of navigation, and breathing room around text.

Working closely with our clients, we determine the most cost effective means to develop a website as we help them convey their message to their audience.

Cheryl Smith, Founder of Solo Web Solutions

Cheryl has always had an aptitude for organizing and streamlining work flows. She has extensive experience in an office setting and working with people.

Cheryl received a Bachelor’s in Foods and Nutrition, but found that it didn’t meet the call on her life. She married and raised two sons and then went back to school … just to learn how to troubleshoot her computer.

Cheryl ended up falling in love with her software and web design classes. She went on to earn an Associate’s Degree in 2005 in Computer Information Systems and began developing websites.

She loves working jigsaw puzzles and solving problems, both useful in the world of web development.

“My greatest gift is my ability to sort through all the things you want to share with your audience and arrange them so that they can easily be found, turning viewers into clients.” ~Cheryl Smith, owner

We Love WordPress

Over the years, clients have asked us if they could maintain their own sites. Before we started using WordPress, this wasn’t an easy task. Either the client had to learn HTML and CSS, or we needed to find an after market content management system that was affordable.

Content Management Systems (CMS) make it easy to edit existing pages, including photos and text. WordPress gives this flexibility and more. That’s why we have chosen to make WordPress our CMS of choice.

Why does that matter to you? If you choose to manage your own sites, we can teach you how; if not, we are happy to do the work for you.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our services or would like to discuss a project. The initial consultation is always FREE.

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